Build talent for future success

To compete, thrive and grow in an ever-changing industry, new skills are essential – and a successful Apprenticeship scheme is central to that.

We can help you make that happen, via our Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme.

There are many Engineering & Manufacturing firms that are already enjoying the benefits of running a successful Apprenticeship scheme.

These companies report an increase in:

  • Innovation
  • Technological advancement
  • Productivity
  • Competitiveness
  • And ultimately: Profitability

By sharing real world best practice from those engineering & manufacturing firms with you, our Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme will guide you to:

  • Link skills requirements to achieving long term business goals
  • Attract the right Apprenticeship talent to fill skills gaps
  • Integrate and retain Apprentices within your workforce

Why would you repeat tired methods that are proven not to work, when you could easily learn from and replicate a proven way of succeeding?

How it Works:

Focusing specifically on your ability to plan for, attract and retain Engineering Apprentices and future proof your workforce, the Next Gen Makers Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme will guide you through a step-by-step process to ‘great’….

Programme Content:

You will start by taking our Benchmarking Questionnaire, identifying areas for improvement, after which you will be able to access and learn from an expansive programme of best practice content and events broken down into 4 dedicated sections:

Developing a skills strategy to achieve business goals

Creating the right culture for Apprenticeships

Attracting the best Apprentice talent

Mentoring & Developing Apprentices

Here’s what you’ll get in each section:

Best Practice Videos

Access our online video platform and learn from manufacturers that are already enjoying successful Apprenticeship schemes. What they do, how and why.

Webinar Workshops

Share ideas with peers across industry in our online, themed Discussion Forums and learn from attending webinars


A resource containing useful Tools to support you to implement best practice in your business

Much like the philosophy of continuous improvement, the journey is continuous, but understanding and following the right path is vital.

Better starts now.

Start your journey to ‘great’ now and equip your business with the ability to build your workforce of the future

For a monthly investment starting from £150, you can ensure that your company is best prepared to capitalise on future opportunities, your investment in each apprentice is fully leveraged, and that talent is seamlessly incorporated into your wider team.