Veolia Water Technologies – supporting the next generation of apprentices

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Good news | 0 comments

Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) UK are committed to providing extensive training, education and opportunities for the next generation entering into the water treatment industry.

The company are fully committed to apprenticeships, believing that individuals can develop the expertise and knowledge required for a rewarding career, while businesses train a talented workforce equipped with future-ready and adaptable skills.

That is why this year, Veolia Water Technologies launched the VWT Apprenticeship Scheme with a series of Level 3 apprenticeship programmes that offer a combination of practical training with studies. Apprenticeships were available across their Service Engineering and CAD Design Teams.

With the relaunch of the VWT Apprenticeship Scheme, the company hopes to improve the understanding of the diverse range of opportunities and prospects available across the business.

Furthermore, Veolia Water Technologies are an organisation that is proud of their innovation and ability to adapt the way in which they work. As such, VWT apprentices will always be encouraged by their team to challenge the way that they do things and to offer fresh ideas and solutions, whilst apprentices are provided with a strong business acumen and key transferable skills.

The VWT Apprenticeship Scheme will be open to applicants next year with the second group of apprentices joining in September 2023 to begin their training through a series of programmes between 18 months to three years. There will also be the opportunity for VWT apprentices to continue their professional development after receiving their qualification and further their careers through to degree-level apprenticeships.

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