Redhill Manufacturing tour inspires the next generation

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Good news | 0 comments

Redditch based Redhill Manufacturing, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of access, storage and manual handling equipment recently opened its’ doors to welcome a group of year 10 and 11 students from a local High School, RSA Academy Arrowvale.

The students had expressed an interest to learn more about local engineering as well as Apprenticeships and had registered to attend the visit.

Redhill Manufacturing Managing Director Andy Colley and Sales Manager Sam Bentley led a full tour of the company, demonstrating to students the end to end manufacturing process and accompanying roles. Students were able to see first-hand welding, robotics, powder coating and tube bending amongst other processes.
Andy and Sam also took the time to share with the students the soft skills that would make them successful in a family owned SME manufacturing workplace like this and the kind of apprenticeship opportunities available.

“We wanted to give the students a real insight into how a family owned SME manufacturer like us operate, including all of the aspects of production” comments Redhill Manufacturing Managing Director, Andy Colley. “We are fortunate that we actually make our own products here, so we have numerous processes that we were able to share with the students, to hopefully inform and inspire them”.

As always, robots capture the imagination, but the breadth and the nature of a variety of manufacturing roles clearly left a mark on some of the students.
“It was a really worthwhile visit”, comments Sarah Noble, Director of Learning and Standards at RSA Arrowvale. “Two of our year 11 students are now keen to explore Apprenticeships off the back of it”.

Andy Colley continues: “For the future of manufacturers like us, it is so crucial that we give local young people an insight into who we are and what we do. It is also important for us to create the link that items that they see and interact with every day are made somewhere, and often right on their doorstep. Once they understand this, it’s up to us to promote to them the career opportunities”.

Sales Manager Sam Bentley adds: “It was a pleasure to host and hopefully open the minds of these individuals to how our company works and to hopefully have a positive impact when it comes to them making future career decisions.

“Redditch has a large manufacturing community and it is vital that companies like us engage in this type of activity. We are proud to be engaging the next generation locally via activity organised by Next Gen Makers. I was brought up in the area and know these schools, so we hope that this kind of profile-raising activity will position us as a local employer of choice in the longer terms and ensure that future generations choose to become part of our workforce too”.