Hainbuch UK takes on Apprentice Technical Sales Engineer via Next Gen Makers & South Staffs College

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Good news | 0 comments

Cannock based workholding technology experts Hainbuch UK have taken on their first ever Apprentice, Jacob Machin from South Staffs College.

Following completion of his BTECH Level 3 90 credit diploma in Engineering, Jacob will now join Hainbuch UK as their new Apprentice Technical Sales Engineer.

“Workholding technology is more widespread than you might think. You can you find HAINBUCH technology used to manufacture such everyday objects as Hip joints, Turbochargers, Printer rollers, Automobile and Marine engines, Aircraft wings, Saxophone keys and Ravioli cans” comments Hainbuch UK Managing Director Nick Peter.

“All of this and much more is manufactured using our innovative clamping technology. HAINBUCH is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of extremely precise and exceptionally rigid work holding solutions. We specialize in difficult applications yielding exceptional results. Today’s Machine tool and Precision engineering sectors now routinely work to micron tolerances, the workholding is key in maintaining these tolerances and transferring them to the finished work piece.

“Like many companies in the engineering sector we recognised a need for succession planning in our workforce. Our Technical Sales Engineers are required to have a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of technical information in order to be able to suggest the right product and application to our customers as well as solving complex problems, so we required a young person that already had a grounding in the general principles of engineering that we can invest our time and energy in to develop the required knowledge and skills for a long term successful career with the company”.

Utilising a partnership with South Staffs College, Next Gen Makers were able to identify suitable students and following a successful interview process Jacob was offered and accepted the Apprenticeship.

Hainbuch UK’s involvement in Next Gen Makers will now extend beyond finding an Apprenticeship to engaging with Colleges within the Next Gen Makers network and contributing valuable knowledge of all things milling, turning and grinding to Engineering students and tutors alike.

Jacob meanwhile, will continue to study at the newly developed Cannock Engineering Campus of South Staffs College and at some point in his development, will also have the opportunity of a month long visit to Hainbuch headquarters in Germany for comprehensive technical training on the range of products.

Nick concludes: “We are looking forward to seeing Jacob develop within the company and are proud to have been able to give a talented local Engineering student this opportunity. Being part of Next Gen Makers has enabled us to attract talent such as Jacob into the company and we now look forward to establishing stronger links to local colleges and giving back our expertise to help the next generation of engineers develop locally”.