The Engineering skills gap…

We know UK manufacturing & engineering has a big skills shortage.

According to a government study 186,000 skilled Engineers are needed annually until 2024 to plug the skills gap and almost 20% of the current workforce is due to retire by 2026 according to the ECITB.

However, reporting of the skills shortage rarely goes beyond referencing big numbers such as these and suggesting that we ‘need to inspire more young people to pursue careers within the sector’ whilst ‘changing perceptions’.

Those two things are true, but they only shed light on a small part of the solution.

What is less widely reported are the huge differences across industry in a manufacturers ability to build skilled talent for the future that addresses their high-level business challenges such as:

  • Digitalising the shop floor
  • Innovating
  • Embracing new technology
  • Scaling production/ increasing efficiency
  • Competing, growing and increasing profitability

To compete, thrive and grow in an ever-changing industry, new skills are essential – and a successful Apprenticeship scheme is central to that.

Forward thinking manufacturers that are successfully running apprenticeship schemes report an increase in innovation, technological advancement, productivity, competitiveness and ultimately, profitability.

In countries such as Germany for example, a culture exists whereby more widely engineering firms are embracing change, digitalizing, and adopting new technologies whilst recruiting for Apprentices with skills within roles that do not yet exist – but that will need to exist for them to maximise both their use of the new technology and to sustain their competitive edge moving forward.

Our Vision

That UK engineering & manufacturing firms, with the foresight to invest in apprenticeships, are rewarded with world-class teams skilled-up for the high-level challenges of the 21st century.

Our Mission

To remove the obstacles that cause engineering & manufacturing businesses’ investment in apprenticeships to be wasted through:


  • Helping manufacturers to take a strategic view regarding their organisations skills and how future workforce planning will help to achieve busines goals
  • Sharing best practice, real-world case studies and training that demonstrates how to successfully implement apprenticeship schemes in order to attract and retain talent
  • Demonstrating how businesses can evolve their culture to accommodate apprentices within the workforce to everyone’s benefit

Next Gen Makers makes engineering & manufacturing firms of all sizes great at attracting and retaining skilled apprentice talent – ensuring you have the skills required to future proof and thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Our platform also makes it easy for companies to inspire more young people into Engineering – at SME and corporate sized companies. 

Keen to future proof your workforce?

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