Walsall / Cannock



Redditch / Bromsgrove


Cakemore Rd,
Rowley Regis
B65 0QW


Company Profile:

Cube Precision Engineering provides press tooling and associated fixtures for the world’s largest manufacturing businesses, as well as bespoke custom furniture and art work for High Net Worth Individuals.

You may not have heard of us but you will most certainly have seen the products that we have helped to manufacture.

From door panels and bonnets for the most luxurious sports cars, to engine components for commercial aircraft, our tooling helps produce over 500,000 motor vehicles per year and over 2,000 Aircraft per year. Plus 1 or 2 Formula 1 cars.

Through significant investment in the staff and the manufacturing plant Cube Precision Engineering has grown into a business with 45+ employees with a world wide customer base.