Walsall / Cannock



Redditch / Bromsgrove

How did you first get into Engineering?

I started with absolutely no experience at all.

After leaving school I initially did Hair Dressing, followed by being a Carer. Changes in my circumstances meant I looked for a career change away from Caring, but needed a job. I got a job in the Warehouse of a local Manufacturing company. Here, I saw a lot of the products that were being welded, was really interested in the process, so asked if I could have a go.

It turned out that in practice I was quite good! After speaking with my employer at the time, and visiting a local College, I was offered an Apprenticeship in Welding at the company.

I have since progressed onto a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in MIG/TIG welding & Fabrication at Alpha Manufacturing, where I finished college with highest marks in class and was nominated and won an Apprentice of the year award.

What do you like most about your current role?

There’s so much to like. I’ve learnt CAD, how to read Engineering drawings and have developed a skill which enables me to work on a variety of projects for many global customers.

The job is very different, I like that a lot. I am proud to be different and not stereotyped by what I can or can’t do as a young female.

I work for a progressive company that is a fantastic place to work and I am part of a team where I have earnt the respect of my peers.

Would you recommend a Career in Engineering to other young people and why?

Definitely – especially young women. Everybody told me I should think again and not come into Engineering. I was determined to do it, to prove to myself that I could and that has served me well.

It’s not a man’s environment and I can do as much as anybody else. As females, I believe that we have an inquisitive outlook and can offer a different perspective on things.

Above all else, my advice would be, whatever you’d like to do, with the right amount of commitment you can achieve anything. Believe in yourself and what you want to do in life.

Chloe Sales

Apprentice Welder
Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.