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Matt Jones, REAZN UK Quality Engineer Apprentice

How did you first get into Engineering?

When I had finished Sixth Form, for me personally, Engineering hadn’t been a consideration. The choice was very much University or Apprenticeship, and I was a bit on the fence. I found the Apprenticeship on the website. I then went to the interview at the Make UK facility in Birmingham, they gave me a tour of the facilities. I knew straight away then that this is what I wanted to do.

What do you like most about your job role?

I am training to become a Tech Support Technician at a company called Akwell. It is a 4-year long apprenticeship and I will get a level 3 qualification when I complete.

My role is all about efficiency within the company with regards to procedures, for example how certain tasks are run on the shop floor, to see if they can be improved, Also looking at If we can save time, money, do things more efficiently or do it in a safer way, I have been applying the theory I have been taught around continuous improvement within my lean manufacturing module.

I like that engineering is very hands on and how much organisation is required within it. I am a very organized person within my life, so the idea that I can apply that to a job role is great and a nice integration between the two.  I love the fact that I am learning and earning and not getting into debt, like if had gone to University.

Would you recommend a career in Engineering to other young people and why?

Definitely! My experience has been nothing but positive and I would highly recommend it.  I definitely think more females should consider engineering, currently only 12% of UK engineers are female, this is not enough.  Research what engineering is about and then at least it is an informed decision.

Amy Parkinson

Apprentice Process Technician