What skills shortage??…






Next Gen Makers makes engineering & manufacturing firms of all sizes great at attracting and retaining skilled apprentice talent – ensuring you have the skills required to future proof and thrive in an ever-changing industry.


Our platform also makes it easy for companies to inspire more young people into Engineering – at SME and corporate sized companies.

We tackle the Engineering skills shortage head on by:

  • Raising awareness
  • Changing perceptions
  • Helping manufacturers run winning Apprenticeship Schemes that achieve business goals
  • Connecting manufacturers to the best young talent

How we work:


Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme

Learn from real-world best practice of other manufacturers how best to link skills requirements to achieving long term business goals, attract the right apprenticeship talent to fill skills gaps, then integrate and retain them within your workforce.


Engineering Careers Prospectus

Next Gen Makers Engineering Careers Prospectus

Inspiring the next generation of makers by raising awareness and changing perceptions.
The only Engineering specific careers resource promoting local engineering & manufacturing firms, apprenticeships, industries and career paths, promoted in over 100 High Schools


Become a Champion

Raise awareness of your company, your industry, and your Apprenticeship opportunities whilst inspiring more young people into a career in Engineering. We organise activity on your behalf so you can easily reach hundreds of relevant Engineering students at our 6 partner Colleges. All the benefit, no hassle


Engineering Apprenticeship Finder Jobs Board

Looking for more or better-quality applicants for your Apprenticeships? How about young people that want to work for you? Access a much wider, more targeted audience through our Jobs Board and activity to promote your Apprenticeship opportunities within our platform of over 100 High Schools and 6 leading FE Colleges.


Managed Apprenticeship Recruitment

We manage the recruitment of Engineering Apprentices on your behalf, saving you valuable time whilst ensuring that you always get what’s right for you. Our expert team have a proven track record of engineering Apprenticeship recruitment and ensuring you get the right individual, onto the right Apprenticeship, with the most suitable Training Provider.


Keen to future proof your workforce?

Passionate about inspiring the next generation into your sector?

Looking to solve a skills shortage?

Next Gen Makers News

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LEMA growth leads to move to new premises

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