What skills shortage??…

Next Gen Makers makes engineering & manufacturing firms of all sizes great at attracting and retaining skilled apprentice talent – ensuring you have the skills required to future proof and thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Are you building skilled talent for your future that addresses high level business challenges such as:

  • Digitalising the shop floor?
  • Innovating & adopting new technology?
  • Scaling production?
  • Increasing efficiency and driving profits?

To compete, thrive and grow in an ever-changing industry, new skills are essential – and a successful Apprenticeship scheme is central to that.

However, failure to attract and retain talented apprentices is costing engineering & manufacturing firms up to £40,000* per apprentice in sunk costs and limiting their ability to compete, grow and find solutions to high level business challenges.


Of all the challenges facing your business right now, a shortage of skills or young engineers should not be one.

Let us help you make that happen…

How it works:

Learn From Best Practice

For many engineering firms, pressure to get product out of the door leads to sacrificing thinking about the future, such as skills. Many others recognise a need to do something, but do not know what or how to do it. Through our Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme, we help you link skills requirements to achieving long term business goals and learn from the real-world best practice of other manufacturers how best to attract the right apprenticeship talent to fill skills gaps, then integrate and retain them within your workforce.


School and College engagement made easy: Raise awareness of your company, your industry, and your Apprenticeship opportunities whilst inspiring more young people into a career in Engineering. Easily reach thousands of relevant young people through our Engineering Careers Prospectus and platform of over 100 High Schools and 6 leading FE Colleges. All the benefit, no hassle.


Looking for more or better-quality applicants for your Apprenticeships? How about young people that want to work for you? Access a much wider, more targeted audience through our Jobs Board and activity to promote your Apprenticeship opportunities within our platform of over 100 High Schools and 6 leading FE Colleges.

Recruit Apprentices

We can manage the recruitment of Engineering Apprentices on your behalf, saving you valuable time whilst ensuring that you always get what’s right for you. Our expert team have a proven track record of engineering Apprenticeship recruitment and ensuring you get the right individual, onto the right Apprenticeship, with the most suitable Training Provider.