Become a Champion

Whether you want to inspire the next generation of makers or attract more young people for your Apprenticeships, Champion membership of Next Gen Makers makes this easy.

Next Gen Makers ‘Champions’ are engineering & manufacturing firms that benefit from us organising and delivering activity that promotes them within our network of over 100 High Schools and engineering students at 5 leading FE Colleges across the West Midlands.

Listen to manufacturers that don’t struggle to attract young skilled people to work for them and what do they say? You get out what you put in; engaging with local High Schools and Colleges works.

What is stopping qualified young people from starting engineering careers at companies like yours?

  • They don’t even know you exist
  • They don’t understand what you do
  • They (and influencers such as teachers/ parents) have incorrect, dated perceptions of you and your industry

There’s more to engineering careers than big brands like JLR, JCB and Rolls Royce – it’s time we helped you prove that. Because nobody else will do it for you.

Manufacturers that do this already report:

  • Increased employer brand awareness
  • Positive, changing perceptions about who they are/ what they do
  • Significantly easier to recruit skilled Engineering Apprentices
  • They have a better reputation as a local employer of choice

“But I don’t have time or connections”…

We get it. You’re way too busy making and designing things to regularly visit local High Schools and Colleges. Or maybe you want to, but don’t know how.

That’s why we have built a network of over 100 High Schools and 5 leading FE Colleges, into which we promote our Champion members and engage them with students through planned activity, or just promote their Apprenticeship opportunities via our Engineering Apprenticeship Finder Jobs Board.

Reach over 1,000 Full Time Engineering students across our 5 partner Colleges. Enable local high school students to learn about you and your industry

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Apprenticeship Finder: Jobs Board

Keen to future proof your workforce?
Passionate about inspiring the next generation into your sector?
Looking to solve a skills shortage?

What our Champions say:

“It is vital that companies like us get involved in this. We are proud to be engaging the next generation locally via activity organised by Next Gen Makers and recommend others do too”

Richard Whitehouse – Operations Director, Handicare

Next Gen Makers gives us a platform to promote our Apprenticeship opportunities and our business to a relevant audience in a way that does not require a huge time input from us. We’ve benefitted from attracting qualified young people that have hit the ground running and made a big contribution to our workforce”

Gerard Keane, Managing Director, REAZN UK

“Engineering and advanced manufacturing is vital to society and the UK economy. It is our duty to inspire the next generation and help them to understand that, encouraging more young innovators and engineers”

Nick Godfrey, Managing Director, Central Scanning

“It is eye opening how many young people locally do want to become Engineers. Through Next Gen Makers, we’ve been able to engage with those young people and open their eyes to our industry in particular, often individuals that didn’t know we existed beforehand”

Neil Clifton, Managing Director, Cube Precision Engineering