Build talent for future success

Are you building skilled talent for your future that addresses high level business challenges like: Digitalising the shop floor, scaling production and increasing efficiency?

To compete, thrive and grow in an ever-changing industry, new skills are essential – and a successful Apprenticeship scheme is central to that.

However, failure to attract and retain talented apprentices is costing engineering & manufacturing firms up to £40,000* per apprentice in sunk costs and also limiting their ability to compete, grow and find solutions to high level business challenges.

Manufacturers that are running successful apprenticeship schemes report an increase in:

  • Innovation
  • Technological advancement
  • Productivity
  • Competitiveness
  • And ultimately: Profitability

When speaking with lots of engineering firms, it is clear pressure to get product out of the door leads to sacrificing thinking about the future, such as skills. Many others recognise a need to do something, but do not know what or how to do it.

In countries such as Germany, a culture exists whereby more widely engineering firms are embracing change, digitalizing, and adopting new technologies whilst recruiting for Apprentices with skills within roles that do not yet exist – but that will need to exist for them to maximise both their use of the new technology and to sustain their competitive edge moving forward.

Of all the challenges facing your business, having the right skills should not be one.

To make a great start, check out the resources below:

Build Talent for Future Success

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Why repeat tired methods that are proven not to work, when you could easily learn and replicate a proven way of succeeding?