Is your Apprenticeship Scheme best in class?

Benchmark today

Is your Apprenticeship Scheme best in class?

Benchmark today

Is your Apprenticeship scheme developing the skills you need to compete, thrive and grow?

Through the Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme you can benchmark your approach, identify where you can improve, then learn from the successes of a community of like minded manufacturers to make those improvements within your business…

Benchmark your Apprenticeship Scheme

Benchmark your approach against industry best practice to identify where and how to improve.

Learn from peers

Learn and improve by sharing best practice within a like minded national community of engineering & manufacturing companies

Get accredited

Get recognised as an exemplar employer by pursuing Accreditation for the Make UK Engineering Apprenticeships: Employer Kitemark Accreditation

Maximise your ability to attract and retain the best young engineering talent, whilst ensuring your Apprenticeship scheme is developing the skills required for your business to compete, thrive and grow in an ever-changing industry.

We can help you make that happen, via our Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme..

By sharing real world best practice from successful engineering & manufacturing firms with you, our Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme will guide you to:

  • Run a high performing Apprenticeship scheme
  • Get recognised and stand out to attract the best talent
  • Make sure you are delivering the best possible Apprentice experience

How it works:

1. Take Benchmarking Questionnaire

Benchmark your existing approach to running your Apprenticeship scheme against industry best practice and identify where you can improve

2. Learn from Video Platform

Access our online video platform and learn from manufacturers that are already enjoying successful Apprenticeship schemes. What they do, how and why.

3. Learn from Online Events

Share ideas with peers across industry in our online, themed Discussion Forums and learn from attending Webinars

4. Implement changes using Toolkit

A resource containing useful Tools to support you to implement best practice in your business

5. Retake Benchmarking Questionnaire

Retake the Benchmarking Questionnaire annually and review progress. Have you improved where you wanted to, and what is next?

You will start by taking our Benchmarking Questionnaire, identifying areas for improvement, after which you will be able to access and learn from an expansive programme of best practice content and events broken down into 4 dedicated sections:

Developing a skills strategy to achieve business goals

Creating the right culture for Apprenticeships

Attracting the best Apprentice talent

Mentoring & Developing Apprentices

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