Finding Apprentices made easy…

Next Gen Makers manages the recruitment of Engineering Apprentices on your behalf, saving you valuable time whilst ensuring that you always get what’s right for you.

Our expert team have a proven track record of engineering Apprenticeship recruitment and ensuring you get the right individual, onto the right Apprenticeship, with the most suitable Training Provider.

Do we replace your Training Provider?

No. We replace what would be the employer’s time contribution to the Apprentice recruitment process.

We act as a partner to your company, and we take care of all the time-consuming administrative stuff like identifying the most suitable course, crafting Job Descriptions and adverts, vetting CV’s, arranging diaries for interviews, following up interviews to arrange work trials and ensuring successful onboarding of your Apprentices.

This saves you valuable time and significantly speeds up the process.

It also means that you have experts who know what they are doing working on your behalf to ensure that you always get the right individual, onto the right Apprenticeship, with the most suitable Training Provider.

So how does it work?


  • We help you identify what talent is needed, where in your business and why.
  • We create Role Descriptions that specify your Apprentice requirements.
  • We identify the right Apprenticeship standards and pathways that fit each role.
  • We enable you to make an informed decision from a choice of Training Providers that deliver off the job training for these Apprenticeships, ensuring that you get the best fit for your business and the Apprenticeship. We often work with multiple suitable Training Providers for each vacancy to maximise quality applicants too.
  • We map out the end-to-end Apprentice recruitment process for you, so you always know how its’ progressing.
  • We promote your Apprenticeship vacancy within our partner network (see below list).
  • We vet candidate CV’s and only send you the best fit to review
  • We organise your diary and arrange interviews
  • We organise interview follow up such as trial days and respond to candidates on your behalf until you arrive at your chosen individual
  • We then arrange a meeting to involve the Training Provider and hand over the Apprenticeship for them to deliver


How we can increase the number of quality applicants

In many cases, more than one Training Provider will be suitable to deliver your Apprenticeships. Our partner network consists of 2 Training Providers (Make UK, LEMA Academy) and 5 Colleges (Dudley College, BMet College, City of Wolverhampton College, Walsall College and Sandwell College).

Depending on the level of your Apprenticeship, you may need to attract school leavers, or may be better suited to a slightly older individual that has already studied engineering at College.

Through our Engineering Apprenticeship Finder Jobs Board, we can promote your vacancy to up to 1,000 full time Engineering students at our partner Colleges, to final year students at local High Schools and to the hundreds of qualified individuals that have registered for engineering Apprenticeships with our partner Training Providers.

Want to boost interest further? Get involved as a Champion of Next Gen Makers – there really is no substitute for the employer brand awareness created by our ability to engage you with and promote you to local College and School students.

What our Customers say:

We had never taken on Apprentices before we got involved with Next Gen Makers. They have guided us through our journey, understood how business we were, so made the process very easy for us and most importantly, have shown that an outside of the box way of recruiting Apprentices can find seriously talented and enthusiastic young people. We now have 2 Apprentices making a valuable contribution to the business and plans in place to future proof further”.

Gerard Keane, Managing Director, REAZN UK

“We had been members of Next Gen Makers for around 12 months and our company had been promoted widely to engineering students at local Colleges during that time. Once we decided that we wanted to invest in new Apprentices, we felt that it made sense for us to use the platform that we had via Next Gen Makers to attract and identify the most relevant individuals for the roles. We had over 30 applicants for three roles in total and it was an extremely competitive selection process where we found 3 great individuals”.

Gary Williams, Managing Director, Tooling 2000

“We have been involved with Next Gen Makers for some time now, doing our bit to inspire the next generation of Engineers in our local area. It was our intention at some point to take on an Apprentice and the opportunity arose in our Toolroom. Next Gen Makers not only found a suitable individual, but also the relevant Apprenticeship course and Training Provider for us. They arranged for us to meet with Callum, who clearly had a great grounding in the principles of Engineering from his prior study, and subsequently, we were very happy to offer him the Apprenticeship”

Robert James, Managing Director, SJG International